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We are home from our trip.  Somehow the little man stayed awake the entire car ride home, I guess left over excitement from Disneyland.  He was so tired he passed out on our sofa at 6pm, he never just falls asleep on the couch, I mean never.  He woke up about an hour later when I was trying to change his diaper and get pjs on him.  At least he still went back to bed at 8pm like normal and slept all night.  He really did not eat dinner last night, and was really tough to get to eat this morning.  Why does it have to be so hard to get a  hungry kid to eat.  Once he starts eating you can not stop him, but getting him to take that first bite sometimes is torture.  We really did have a great time, possibly our best family vacation yet.  Later today I hope to post some of our tips on Disneyland.


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