etsy love

I love the Etsy Paper Acorn shop.  They have some of the cutest handmade paper decorations around.  I really wish that I would have gotten my act together before the little man’s birthday party and ordered the robot boxes.  They would have been perfect.  Alas life got in the way.  I will definitely keep this shop in mind of our future parties though.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Robot Box - Made to Order
Map to My Heart - Paper Garland
The Monster Cube - a little paper box
Peace Paper Luminaries
Paper Flower Hair Clip - Florence

coffee table fix

I love my coffee table.  When we moved into this house our old table did not really survive the move.  I had it for about 10 years so that was ok.  We looked long and hard for a new table that would fit our new space.  I think it was about 2 or 3 months before we found one we could agree on.  When we had the little man I started looking at baby-proofing options, not really finding any that were going to solve all of our issues, and not make my head hurt with how ugly they were.  Our table has 2 sharp corners on each corner, and a glass middle. 

There are the rubber edges, but I did not want to glue anything to my table, and I was pretty sure the little man would pick them off; also there is really nothing attractive about them.  We would still have the issue with the glass.  I thought about temporarily getting a new table, but I really like ours so we would have to figure out somewhere to store it.  We decided to use a little brain power and come up with our own solution.

We built a wooden frame out of 2″x4″s about 1″ bigger around than our table and added a plywood top to make a box.  I put foam on top then upholstered with batting and some upholstery fabric that I got on clearance for $8.00.  There is nicer fabric, but this was fine and I wanted something that I would not care if it got spilt on.  The box fits right over the top of our table and can easily be removed when we have parties.  I can not tell you the number of moms who have been over here that love it.  Now it looks like we have a giant ottoman.  Most people do not even know that it was a table before.  In a perfect world I would have added some tufting, but I was looking for a quick solution (the little man had bumped his head 3 times in 2 days) and I was worried about little fingers trying to pick off any buttons.

A few tips:

  • I would recommend  putting foam around the sides also, we could not do this because our fabric was not wide enough, but it would make the sides softer. 
  • If not around the sides, make sure your foam extends slightly over the edges so that the edge of the wood does not show.
  • Use an electric staple gun.  I borrowed my Father in Law’s and it made all the difference in the world.
  • Glue some scraps or ribbon around the unfinished edges inside.  I still need to do this, the little man loves to pick at any batting he can see, and we find little fuzz balls where he has been.
  • Stretch the fabric as tight as you can, they sell upholstery tools for this, I did not have one so I made do with my hands and some pliers.

This has definitely been the best solution for our family.  The little man loves to play with his toys or climb on it and we never have to worry about him bumping his head or breaking the glass.  I have a piece of furniture that I do not hate to look at, and once there are no more little heads to bump I can have back the coffee table that I love.

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200 sit ups week 3

I think that I have taken a few too many days off due to illness.  This week of sit ups was really rough.  I am thinking that I am going to repeat week 3 of the program before I move on.  I am not sure that I am really ready for week four.  Here are my totals for this week: Day 1 – 125, Day 2 – 154, Day 3 – 180.  I have to say the 180 was really tough, and I am not sure I really had the best form at the end.  So off to do week 3 again this week and see if it comes any easier.

apology to a goldfish

Dear Salsa Fish,

We are so sorry we let your tank go so long without cleaning it.  We promise to not let it get so dirty before we clean it again.  We have been very good about feeding you, which I know is what you care about more, and we promise not to slack off on that either as it is a great deal of entertainment to your 2-year-old owner.  We love you and hope that you forgive us.


the people on the other side of your tank

library love

The little man has a serious love of books.  He could read them all day long.  He has a pretty large collection, mostly board books though, but to change it up we have started bringing home more story books from the library.  Here is what we borrowed this week.

Just for Me, Just for You

Just for Me, Just for You by Nick Jr. Family Magazine.  This one is a collection of stories, the little man especially likes All Aboard by Karen Baicker.


Crocs! by David T. Greenberg.  There is a fascination with all things crocodilian in our house so this one fits right in.

Who Likes Rain?

Who Likes Rain? by Wong Herbert Yee.  The little man picked this one by its cover.  He wanted the umbrella book.  It has not disappointed.  I think we have read it about 5 times a day since we brought it home.

My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World

My Cat the Silliest Cat in the World by Gilles Bachelet.  It is about a man with a pet elephant that he thinks is a cat.  Little man loves the pictures in this one, but when we read it keeps looking for the cat.  He just does not quite get it yet, but still loves to look at it.




We have really been pushing the please and thank yous around our house lately.  The little man has gotten pretty good at it but lately whenever he says “thank you” he immediately says “you’re welcome”.  At least he gets the idea.

fun day at the zoo

Our little man is an animal junkie.  When he first started “talking” he did not really say many actual words, but he knew tons of animal noises (which apparently count as words according to our pediatrician).  Now that he can talk more he not only knows tons of animal noises, but tons of animal names.  It kind of amazes me when he pulls out a new animal name, some of which I probably did not know what they were until he did.  Aquariums and zoos are his idea of heaven.  He could stare for hours at the fish, or giraffes, or meerkats.  Ok maybe not hours, in one place, but he looks for a little while and then takes off running saying “More! More!”.  He had been to the Oakland Zoo with his Grandparents, but we had never taken him, I had never been, and my husband had not been since he was a kid.  It is not the biggest zoo out there, but I have to say it was great.

I highly recommend the Oakland Zoo for anyone who has little kids.  The zoo itself is small, there are a decent number of animals, but it is pretty compacted.  The size is fantastic for little kids, my 2-year-old walked pretty much the whole thing.  He was really tired afterwards, but he took an amazing nap, and who can argue with that.  The animal enclosures are pretty nice and they have a good selection of animals.  There is a lot of open space where kids can play in grass, or you could have a picnic.  I think it is one of my new favorite places to take him.

His favorite things to see this time were the elephants, giraffes, meerkats, bugs, and flamingos.  Oh and maybe a squirrel running on the ground (not like we do not have about a million squirrels around our house).  Now that the weather is getting nice I have a feeling we will be spending more time at the zoo.