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Our little man is an animal junkie.  When he first started “talking” he did not really say many actual words, but he knew tons of animal noises (which apparently count as words according to our pediatrician).  Now that he can talk more he not only knows tons of animal noises, but tons of animal names.  It kind of amazes me when he pulls out a new animal name, some of which I probably did not know what they were until he did.  Aquariums and zoos are his idea of heaven.  He could stare for hours at the fish, or giraffes, or meerkats.  Ok maybe not hours, in one place, but he looks for a little while and then takes off running saying “More! More!”.  He had been to the Oakland Zoo with his Grandparents, but we had never taken him, I had never been, and my husband had not been since he was a kid.  It is not the biggest zoo out there, but I have to say it was great.

I highly recommend the Oakland Zoo for anyone who has little kids.  The zoo itself is small, there are a decent number of animals, but it is pretty compacted.  The size is fantastic for little kids, my 2-year-old walked pretty much the whole thing.  He was really tired afterwards, but he took an amazing nap, and who can argue with that.  The animal enclosures are pretty nice and they have a good selection of animals.  There is a lot of open space where kids can play in grass, or you could have a picnic.  I think it is one of my new favorite places to take him.

His favorite things to see this time were the elephants, giraffes, meerkats, bugs, and flamingos.  Oh and maybe a squirrel running on the ground (not like we do not have about a million squirrels around our house).  Now that the weather is getting nice I have a feeling we will be spending more time at the zoo.

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