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200 sit ups week 3

I think that I have taken a few too many days off due to illness.  This week of sit ups was really rough.  I am thinking that I am going to repeat week 3 of the program before I move on.  I am not sure that I am really ready for week four.  Here are my totals for this week: Day 1 – 125, Day 2 – 154, Day 3 – 180.  I have to say the 180 was really tough, and I am not sure I really had the best form at the end.  So off to do week 3 again this week and see if it comes any easier.


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200 sit ups test

SO I was fully prepared to start week 3 last night and when I opened the app, I had a test instead.  It was to see how many sit ups you could do in a row, nonstop with no break.  I made it to 50, which is 20 more than I did the first time.  I guess I am getting stronger.  Planning on starting week 3 tonight.  On a side note I did the initial test for the 100 push ups and I have to say it was pretty pathetic.  I think that one will be much harder for me.  I might have to start with “girl” push ups and graduate to real push ups after.  I have never had very much arm strength, I figured it had to be getting better with how much I lug around the little man.  Guess I was wrong.

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200 sit ups week 2

I finished my second week of 200 sit-ups, yeah!  They are still getting easier and I think I made some decent improvement. Day one I did 99, after I found out it was 99 I did one more out of principle but that one really does not count.  Day 2 I did 121, and day 3 I did 131.  I hope that this week goes as well.  Think I might start working on the 100 push-ups now, somehow I think those will be a little bit harder.  Wish me luck!

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200 sit ups week 1

I started the 200 sit ups program last week.  I am using the iphone app to keep track.  I decided to part with a dollar to have something keep track of my progress for me.  You do sit ups 3 days each week, 5 sets which have different amounts depending on the day and the level where you started.  Day 1 I made it to 70.  Day 2 I made it to 83. Day 3 was 92.  I am a little behind, my day 3 was a little delayed due to a stomach bug but better late than never.  It is great to see the numbers going up, and they are getting a little easier to do.  Maybe this little program is working.

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I am trying to get better about exercising. It really is hard to find the time between everything else going on. Chasing a 2-year-old around the livingroom should count for something, right? I am starting the 200 sit ups program. We will see. Hopefully it will give me amazing abs, but really I am just hoping for a little toning for my c-section tummy.

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