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I love my coffee table.  When we moved into this house our old table did not really survive the move.  I had it for about 10 years so that was ok.  We looked long and hard for a new table that would fit our new space.  I think it was about 2 or 3 months before we found one we could agree on.  When we had the little man I started looking at baby-proofing options, not really finding any that were going to solve all of our issues, and not make my head hurt with how ugly they were.  Our table has 2 sharp corners on each corner, and a glass middle. 

There are the rubber edges, but I did not want to glue anything to my table, and I was pretty sure the little man would pick them off; also there is really nothing attractive about them.  We would still have the issue with the glass.  I thought about temporarily getting a new table, but I really like ours so we would have to figure out somewhere to store it.  We decided to use a little brain power and come up with our own solution.

We built a wooden frame out of 2″x4″s about 1″ bigger around than our table and added a plywood top to make a box.  I put foam on top then upholstered with batting and some upholstery fabric that I got on clearance for $8.00.  There is nicer fabric, but this was fine and I wanted something that I would not care if it got spilt on.  The box fits right over the top of our table and can easily be removed when we have parties.  I can not tell you the number of moms who have been over here that love it.  Now it looks like we have a giant ottoman.  Most people do not even know that it was a table before.  In a perfect world I would have added some tufting, but I was looking for a quick solution (the little man had bumped his head 3 times in 2 days) and I was worried about little fingers trying to pick off any buttons.

A few tips:

  • I would recommend  putting foam around the sides also, we could not do this because our fabric was not wide enough, but it would make the sides softer. 
  • If not around the sides, make sure your foam extends slightly over the edges so that the edge of the wood does not show.
  • Use an electric staple gun.  I borrowed my Father in Law’s and it made all the difference in the world.
  • Glue some scraps or ribbon around the unfinished edges inside.  I still need to do this, the little man loves to pick at any batting he can see, and we find little fuzz balls where he has been.
  • Stretch the fabric as tight as you can, they sell upholstery tools for this, I did not have one so I made do with my hands and some pliers.

This has definitely been the best solution for our family.  The little man loves to play with his toys or climb on it and we never have to worry about him bumping his head or breaking the glass.  I have a piece of furniture that I do not hate to look at, and once there are no more little heads to bump I can have back the coffee table that I love.

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tissue dyed eggs

I decided to tackle the second batch of Easter eggs today, using the tissue paper process I talked about here.  The little man was all ready to help me, we did one egg and he was done.  Oh well, maybe next year he will want to do it.  Since everything was out and ready, I just did them myself while he ate lunch.


Here are a few tips:

  • You definitely have to have ART tissue paper, we did a couple the other day to see what would happen with regular.  The purple one got a really faint purple color, which is kind of pretty, but the others did not work.
  • I think that different brands bleed color differently, we had 2 different packs and some colors worked better than others.
  • Wear gloves! Otherwise you end up with tissue died fingers.
  • If you get the eggs wet first the tissue is really easy to stick to the eggs, this might have made our colors run into each other more.
  • The longer you leave the paper on the brighter your colors will be, until they dry.  We took ours off a little bit early, so they are lighter than the Something from Scratch eggs were.  I also think the lighter color has to do with our brand of tissue paper.

It is really interesting to see which colors worked better than others.  For instance our orange really did not show up, but the greens and blues kind of took over.  We are happy with them, I think they came out really pretty.  The little man likes them too, now that they are done.

I am excited to hide these for the little man’s first egg hunt.

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easter eggs – batch one

I know I said I was going to do tissue paper eggs with the little man, and I am, but I decided to dye some just in case we break said tissue paper eggs.  I want to have a few for him to hunt.  I dyed them with the traditional store-bought egg dye.  This brand can get pretty bright if you leave them in very long, but I was kind of in a hurry, and I kind of liked them pastel.

I remember making some when I was little with rubber bands and twine to get a striped effect, so I thought I would try.  You dye the eggs once, but lightly.  Wrap twine or rubber bands carefully but tightly around eggs.  Dye again to make the exposed areas darker.  Alternatively you can also draw on the eggs after the first dyeing with white crayon or a candle and get pretty much the same effect.

They came out very subtle.  I think we mus have used fatter rubber bands, and a less absorbent twine.  I like them, but not really sure they are worth the extra step.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow we will have some tissue paper eggs to share.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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easter eggs

I think my little guy is still a little too little for traditional easter egg dying.  I am hoping to try this out with him and see how it goes.  I think that these are beautiful and look like fun. You wet the eggs, cover in pieces of ART tissue paper, and let dry before you pull the paper off.  Thanks Something from Scratch for inspiring me.  I will publish pictures of our eggs… if we don’t break them all.

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