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easter eggs – batch one

I know I said I was going to do tissue paper eggs with the little man, and I am, but I decided to dye some just in case we break said tissue paper eggs.  I want to have a few for him to hunt.  I dyed them with the traditional store-bought egg dye.  This brand can get pretty bright if you leave them in very long, but I was kind of in a hurry, and I kind of liked them pastel.

I remember making some when I was little with rubber bands and twine to get a striped effect, so I thought I would try.  You dye the eggs once, but lightly.  Wrap twine or rubber bands carefully but tightly around eggs.  Dye again to make the exposed areas darker.  Alternatively you can also draw on the eggs after the first dyeing with white crayon or a candle and get pretty much the same effect.

They came out very subtle.  I think we mus have used fatter rubber bands, and a less absorbent twine.  I like them, but not really sure they are worth the extra step.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow we will have some tissue paper eggs to share.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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I totally had another recipe ready to go for today, but then I made a recipe that I found on Hannah Cooks (thanks Hannah!) last night and decided to post that one instead.  I made Nigella’s breakfast bars.  They are so easy it is ridiculous, and good, and a really filling snack.  They are pretty easy to substitute ingredients also.  I know Hannah makes them without coconut, I made them without peanuts, but also added 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips.  I am always looking for a quick, healthy, non processed breakfast or lunch.  I love granola bar type things, but most of them at the store are just not very good for you.  It is nice to have a homemade alternative that is easy and yummy.

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200 sit ups week 1

I started the 200 sit ups program last week.  I am using the iphone app to keep track.  I decided to part with a dollar to have something keep track of my progress for me.  You do sit ups 3 days each week, 5 sets which have different amounts depending on the day and the level where you started.  Day 1 I made it to 70.  Day 2 I made it to 83. Day 3 was 92.  I am a little behind, my day 3 was a little delayed due to a stomach bug but better late than never.  It is great to see the numbers going up, and they are getting a little easier to do.  Maybe this little program is working.

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ode to an iphone

I already loved my iphone.  I really am not sure how I loved without it, but Sunday night my love grew by leaps and bounds.  We went out for a family birthday dinner, and lets just say that the little man was not into it.  He woke up ridiculously early that morning, and took a not so great nap that afternoon.  In a word he was DONE.  We took turns walking him around the restaurant, but he really was just exhausted and did not want to be there.  I thought maybe once the food came he would calm down and eat but no such luck.  Enter the iphone.  I caved in and put on cartoons, and let him play games.  He sat perfectly still, in my lap, but at least still for the next hour.  Then the ice cream with a candle came out and he finally found something that was better than the phone.  So thank you iphone, thank you for letting me actually eat my dinner with everyone else.  Thank you for making me not have the screaming child in the restaurant.  Thank you for entertaining my little guy for upwards of an hour.  Just thank you.

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etsy love

Simplexity - 8x8 Fine Art Print on Metallic Paper
I love, love, love this.  I think pretty much all of the things in the irenesuchocki etsy shop are wonderful but Simplexity is just fantastic.  Here is some more of her beautiful work.
Looking for Love - 8x10 Fine Art Print
They might be giants - 8x8 Fine Art Print
We hold the future - 8x10 Fine Art Print

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happy birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.  You are such a great husband and father.  Whether we always tell you or not, we appreciate everything that you do for us.  We always know how much you love us.  No one can make us laugh harder.  No one gives better hugs.  No one can get more loads of laundry done in a day.  We hope that you know you mean the world to us. We love you, love you, love you, love you.  In the words of our son:  “Happy Birthday…to…you! Nopa Sidekick Buzz Lightyears!”

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i love you

The little man is really starting to get the I love you thing down, it totally melts my heart.  He had said it a few times to the Grandparents, and his Auntie, but did not really say it much to us.  Now we get it every once in a while, and he will usually say it to my parents on the phone.  Last night when I was taking him to bed I told him to give Dad hugs and kisses, he gave him a huge hug and then as we were walking away he said “I love you!”  I put him in bed and he asked for another kiss then rolled over and said it again to me.  There is really nothing better.

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